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Money and the road to EXIST(ence)

Maybe you’ve heard the news on social media a while ago or just us screaming at the top of our voices: We got funded by EXIST! Today the official funding confirmation finally arrived at the office! Whew! But … money? Really? Aren’t we “independent”? And still no word of the first game? Why bother with two […]

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Respawn 2014 – Reincarnation of the Indie Spirit

At this year’s Respawn – Gathering of Game Developers there was one question which came up several times: What does it mean to be indie? There has been much discussion about „the i-word“ lately, especially since indie studios are getting more and more support and acknowledgement from the big players. At Respawn, apart from getting […]

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Off we go!

Hi there! Finally, after months and months of struggle, our website is finally online. Okay, it really wasn’t THAT hard. It neverless took its time. But forget about it! What’s done is done. The most important part is: We have a web page and are hereby now officially digitally existent! Feel free to take a […]

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