New team member Philipp & EU funding for our next game!

The new team formation, now including Phil (on the right).

Hey everyone,

Long time no see. Which is totally our fault, but, you know – video games. Ain’t nobody got time for writing lengthy blog posts. Despite this, we now wanted to give you a small update on two important things that happened recently:

First and foremost, we got a new team member: Philipp! He joins as a full-time programmer to support our increasing development projects. Because, while we are working on new (and bigger!) stuff, we also still have to maintain the Orwell games. Phil previously worked at Daedalic Entertainment und Behind the Stone on multiple projects in a programming capacity, and we’re delighted to say his technical skills now bolster our own team! We are very glad to to have you on board!

Secondly, recently we have received (or rather have yet to receive, but have been greenlit) funding for our next project! The EU funding called Creative Europe MEDIA is intended to develop innovative narrative games, so it’s kinda perfect for us, and it allows us to creative a new prototype entirely independently. It’s awarded annualy among any applying EU-based gamedevs and “competing” with all those high-level studios in Europe, we are truly honored!

As for the corresponding project, that’s right, we’re working on something entirely new and unannounced! We hope to be able to reveal something about the project later in 2020, but as we are still very early in the project’s development, we can’t be too sure yet. Also, a potential release is still faaaaar away. Nonetheless, we are very keen on working on the new game as it is something very different from Orwell, only that it is once again a narrative-heavy single player game, and we certainly hope you are looking forward to hearing more about it.

I’ll hope to write on here more often now, but, as I said… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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