Meet the Orwell Team: Frieda Sobiech

While we are getting closer and closer to releasing Orwell, we would like to introduce some of the amazing people who worked with us on our first commercial project.

Please meet: Frieda Sobiech


Here is a short interview so that you can find out more about her and her work:

What are your favorite games?
This is hard to decide! I have been playing Pokemon a lot recently, all kinds of generations. I played through Spiderman Dimension and One Piece Unlimited World Red. Saints Row 4 captivated me for a couple of evenings, but then it turned into a kind of love-hate relationship, since the story was nice and freaky, but the fights drove me nuts. My all-time favorites are: Spore, Black and White 2, Journey and Spiderman 2 for Game Cube.

What kind of work did you contribute to Orwell?
I was an intern for graphic design/art at Osmotic Studios and supported the team by designing websites and logos as well as creating artwork. The different kinds of websites were very interesting, for example social networks or even medical logs. I enjoyed working on the diverse characters most: young and old, slim or large, from average to crazy, all kinds of people are represented in the game.

Some of Frieda’s work for Orwell.


What other projects are you currently working on?
I am currently working on my bachelor thesis, which is a graphic novel. The story unfolds around the topic “Space Adventure” and is about a space pilot named Arvin who runs into the most absurd situations and stories while travelling through the infinite universe.

Can you tell us more about awesome projects you have worked on in the past?
I collaborated with a friend on one of my latest projects, that covered the topic “Nation Branding”. We created a corporate design for the fictitious city “Asgard”, which is the home of the Germanic Gods. The design was supposed to give the city a new and modern look, including business cards, a website and even an app. Besides this, I also design invitation cards and yearbooks. At the moment I try to develop my talents further and practise a lot of different kinds of styles and character designs on DeviantArt.


Find out more about Frieda here:

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