Meet the Osmotics


CEO & Game Director

Hi. My name is Daniel and I am bad at making decisions. Which seems weird, because games are all about choice. For me they're therapy.


Art Director

Hi, I'm Vanessa. I like to spend my time daydreaming. Sometimes I put one of those dreams on paper and then call that work.


CEO & Technical Director

Hi, I'm Michael. Most of my friends call me "Michi". I think that is adequate, but I like "Micha" much more. I never told them, though.


3D Animator & Generalist

Hi, I'm Lidija! Most of the time I'm a pragmatic artist. But some of the time I'm just Lidi-NEIN!



Hi, I'm Phil. I make bad jokes and laugh loud. But I try to improve. What about: "How do you tackle a programming task?" - "Bit by bit..." Ok, not really an improvement.


Technical Artist & Scripter

Hi, I'm Simon! When I'm not running around outside to catch virtual monsters, I try to make stuff look pretty in Unity.