All Orwell episodes are out now!


You need to return to service one last time, to complete the game with Episode Five “Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree”! If you already own the game your Steam client should update the game automatically. If it doesn’t, check the game’s properties whether auto-updates are enabled.


This episode will offer some answers. And a question.


We’re incredibly happy to have the game completed with this episode. The first chapter of Osmotic Studios is concluded. What a wild, wild ride it has been to this point. Thanks to everyone who has been on our side during this long time of development.

The Osmotic Studios Team

3 thoughts on “All Orwell episodes are out now!”

  1. Thank you Osmotic Studios Team, that you have developed for us, such a great game. 🙂 I’ve already been your fan since the first episode . The game is incredibly good. Anyone who does not know it yet should buy it. The game already has nearly 500 positive reviews on steam. That says it all about the game. Moreover, the game is favorable. So much fun, you do not often get for so little money. 🙂

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