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Osmotic Studios is an award-winning independent game development company based in Hamburg, Germany.  Always striving to test out new ways to convey a convincing narrative, the company focusses on story-centric games with socially relevant and meaningful topics at their hearts. Best known is Osmotic Studios’ debut game Orwell, released in 2016, putting players in the shoes of a government agent in the eponymous surveillance program, tasked with spying on suspect persons by going through their online documents and files, listening in on their chats, and phone calls. Orwell has received widespread critical acclaim and recognition from The Game Awards, the Independent Games Festival, and SXSW Gaming.


Osmotic Studios was founded in 2014 by Melanie Taylor, Daniel Marx, and Michael Kluge after graduation from HAW Hamburg with the vision to create unique narrative games. Significantly inspired by the “Snowden Leaks” at the time of its foundation, the company released its first game Orwell (now also known as Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You) in October 2016 to significant acclaim. In 2018, the second game Orwell: Ignorance is Strength, a follow-up to Orwell focussing on the seemingly omnipresent topic of misinformation and fake news, was released.

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